Court ruling on email: What enterprises in Germany must know now

Communication affects all departments in everyday business: product development, human resources, sales etc. But how much should be sent by regular email or as an email attachment? Depending on their content, various.

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Into the digital age with fax?

Digital driving licences, digital authorizations, e-prescriptions... the list of demands for Germany's digital transformation is long. Unfortunately, however, all too often aspiration collides with reality because.

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GAIA-X, data protection & data control: What is viable for enterprises?

For European enterprises that had high hopes GAIA-X would bring real added value in terms of data protection and digital sovereignty, the project’s current course would likely appear to be disappointing. The last few.

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Serious setbacks after an ambitious start – which goals remain for GAIA-X?

First the German federal government signalled support for the participation of US hyperscalers in GAIA-X. Subsequently, the companies on its Board of Directors welcomed Palantir, arguably the most controversial player.

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GAIA-X Board of Directors gives green light to Palantir

An unpleasant surprise for data protectionists and supporters of GAIA-X: The all-European Board of Directors of GAIA-X cleared the way for Palantir to become a member. The reaction to this decision ranged from surprise.

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360° protection for data at rest and in transit

As communication is now almost exclusively digital and confidential information is routinely sent from A to B, comprehensive protection of this data needs to be a top priority. Of course, this must be fast and business.

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German Federal Government disappoints in their statement on GAIA-X

Data traffic from the EU to the US is substantial and ever-growing. This is mainly due to the general trend of shifting data into the cloud, with its major service providers based in the US. The legal basis for these.

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Legal rift between the EU and USA: Data handling & data transfer and the implications for enterprises

In 2021, enterprises will continue to encounter many challenges that they need to address: Strengthening data security, ensuring verifiable compliance with applicable data protection laws, and maintaining effective.

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Email encryption and archiving – it's that simple!

A partnership between two great companies makes customers the beneficiaries: By connecting Cryptshare to stanoc's archiving solution, we have created significant added value. We combined the protective encryption for.

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Beyond the EU-US Privacy Shield: What’s next for European enterprises?

On 16 July 2020, the ECJ (European Court of Justice) ruled the EU-US Privacy Shield invalid. It was not the first time this court made a splash on both sides of the Atlantic: The ruling clearly illuminated the.

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