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As communication is now almost exclusively digital and confidential information is routinely sent from A to B, comprehensive protection of this data needs to be a top priority. Of course, this must be fast and business operations should not suffer as a result. But at the same time malign third parties must be prevented from intercepting or accessing sensitive data during storage or during transmission.

All-round protection for confidential data

In order to guarantee this 360° protection for data at rest and data in transit, Cryptshare have now entered into a technology partnership with the software developer digitronic. Cryptshare has always provided a secure digital transfer service for messages and files of all types and sizes.The HiCrypt™ encryption solution from the IT security expert digitronic, which based in Chemnitz, Germany, protects all data before and after transmission by storing it in a digital safe. In contrast to conventional container encryption solutions, the software also enables simultaneous work on encrypted shares. With this combination of solutions, data is therefore protected at all times - no matter where it is.


Cryptshare + digitronic = Secure information and files in transit and encrypted data on network drives.

"We are very pleased about the partnership with Cryptshare. Now, confidential data can be directly sent from an encrypted drive. Cryptshare transfers data in a secure way and HiCrypt™ immediately stores this data again in an encrypted form at the recipient's end. This provides all-round protection against misuse, theft and espionage."

Matthias Kirchhoff, Director digitronic

The beginning of a secure success story

We got to know digitronic through the German IT Security Association (TeleTrusT), of which we are both long-standing members. Being neighbours at the last RSA Conference in San Francisco and at IT security trade fair it-sa was the beginning of an all-round secure success story. We are collaborating using our customised software solutions on many exciting projects to make the digital world more secure with ease of use at the top of the priority for our customers.

"It quickly became clear to us that the companies and the products are a perfect match and that 1+1=3 in this case. Both solutions are very user-friendly and can therefore be introduced with little to no training. As a result, everyday use takes off immediately after introduction and the data protection officers of our customers are thrilled! After all, only solutions that are actually applied are secure."


Markus Wolfer, Head of Sales DACH

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