On the 7th of May 2019, befine Solutions AG changed its company name to Cryptshare AG. In these times of so many new product developments and with a growing product family, it was time to reflect their significance to the company in the name as well as making the main tagline reflect Cryptshare’s full scope of applications.

New company name

Over the years, Cryptshare AG has had many great ideas and come up with many innovations. We have created a wide range of software solutions for the needs of enterprises around the world and across all branches and industries.

Over time, Cryptshare emerged from all of those innovations and has now become by far the most successful and scalable product. We have focussed our teams on Cryptshare and keep making it better by continuously improving its features and usability and by creating various Cryptshare editions: Cryptshare web application, Cryptshare for Office 365 & Outlook, Cryptshare for Notes, and Cryptshare API & Automation. In addition we have also added many popular and valuable features for compliance as well as usability, such as archiving, an SMS gateway interface, and protective email classification just to name a few. A few months ago, we launched Cryptshare.express, a cloud-based SaaS solution tailor-made for the needs of small enterprises with up to 25 employees who do not want to run their own software. 

Cryptshare has become our main focus of attention and the product itself is the company. As a result, and by dropping the old company name, befine Solutions AG, we will eliminate confusion and be clearer about what we do and where we focus our resources. Cryptshare AG.

"Changing the company name to Cryptshare AG was a logical conclusion of our development over the past years. Cryptshare is the main focus of our work, the product itself has become the company. We have now also reflected this significance in our company name.”

Dominik Lehr, Founder and CEO of Cryptshare AG

Does this mark a change in direction or the beginning of a new journey? No, quite the opposite! The new company name is the continuation of the journey that the Cryptshare team has been on since the very beginning, and it is a natural change to make along the way. 

We have successfully established a strong brand reputation in many areas, and the new company name is simply an extension of that. Choosing Cryptshare AG as the new company name confirms the success of the work we have done so far because Cryptshare is the primary product we make – and it is equally a testament to our commitment for the future


New tagline

Following the same reasoning a new main tagline emerged for Cryptshare AG rather than simply making email better: Now it is “Secure all the way. Innovation to protect your information when most at risk.” How can the story be told? 

From the very beginning, we have designed Cryptshare as a secure digital transfer service. As such, Cryptshare makes sure your data is protected at all points of risk on the journey from sender to recipient, meaning from the time it leaves the relative safety of your firewall until it reaches its intended destination. When your data is in transit it is most at risk because this is precisely when it is most vulnerable to third-party attacks. 

“Email is a great thing to have and carries high value for enterprises in today’s business world, but actually it is only one aspect of what we have always designed Cryptshare to do: Moving data safely from one place of use to another place of use, that has always been the underlying proposition.”

Mark Forrest, CEO

To secure your data exactly when it needs it most, Cryptshare has much more to offer than simply email security. Powered by its many innovations, Cryptshare not only enables exchanges between individuals using email in a traditional way, but also facilitates communication for machine-to-machine and application-to-application use cases – challenges that every enterprise are facing. 

Cryptshare’s new tagline points to its entire family of products that are related in an important way, as they all make meaningful contributions to putting enterprises back in charge of their data.

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