Cryptshare AG is proud to announce the release of patent-pending innovation eliminating the need for users to manage passwords for regular exchanges between communication partners, Cryptshare QUICK Technology. Included in the latest Cryptshare release on 25 June, QUICK ends all password troubles for users, establishing permanent secure connections, and at long last combines security for all data in transit with simplified usability.


Password troubles: security vs ease of use

Most users of information tools know the age-old problem of securing communication: To protect their information on its way to the intended recipient, transfers need to be secured with a one-time password or user password, passwords which in turn get forgotten or compromised or protected in a portal where the same credentials and password are used for many different online services. Users are weary of this and, as a result, transfers in regular exchanges are typically sent unencrypted. 


The solution? QUICK!

At Cryptshare AG, we thought there must be an easier way, so we worked hard on a suitable solution: QUICK. QUICK automatically manages security between correspondents. Users can activate QUICK at any time and with anyone they like, completely independently and without any help from an administrator. After activation, it makes any manual effort for password handling or transfers obsolete saving users valuable time while securing all of their transfers. All future communication between them is automatically secured with unique one-time keys, facilitating passwordless security for users

How does it work? During the first transfer between two communication partners, QUICK automatically generates a shared key. This key is used to create one-time keys for all future transfers that encrypt and decrypt data and files of specific transfers between correspondents. The recipients automatically apply these keys without having to enter them or exchange them with the sender. This way, all future communication between them is protected.

Use cases and benefits of QUICK

QUICK brings great potential for secure and regular data exchanges that extends to a wide range of use cases. By securing all future transfers, machine-to-machine communication is enabled to perform regular and unlimited exchanges without any password-related delays for their automated processes. Additionally, once activated QUICK enhances efficiency as well as auditability by guaranteeing individual single-use keys for each transfer completely independently of the user.

Since its keys are derived by the system, QUICK is not only a game-changer regarding its unparalleled usability but it also adds protection from social engineering attacks: Any personal data third parties may have collected about the sender for launching attempts to derive the transfers’ passwords are simply rendered useless. QUICK adds protection against trivial passwords based on personal information and has complex and automated system-generated passwords. These passwords cannot be derived by using information about the users’ personal lives.

Unlocking your data’s potential

By enabling permanent secure connections, QUICK facilitates faster and easier exchanges and thereby intensifies communication. Communication partners are brought closer to one another and data of all kinds can flow unrestricted by security concerns. Data is shared and can be worked with, enabling it to achieve its real value.

So don’t bother your users with complicated certificate-based solutions but enable them to share their information securely, on their own, and whenever they need to – with Cryptshare QUICK Technology


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