What will be important for your data security in 2020

2019 is coming to an end. Time, to take a look forwards at what will affect the IT industry most in the coming year. Cryptshare's Matthias Kess (CTO), Markus Wolfer (Head of Sales DACH), and Oliver Gäng (CMO) recently.

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5 tips to improve data security in the insurance industry

Cyberattacks pose a serious threat to the insurance industry. Time and again, cybercriminals prey on insurance companies and their customers, increasingly in the form of sophisticated and targeted attacks. So how can.

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Cryptshare for CCPA

Starting 01 January 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will take effect. Intending to provide more transparency on the collection, use, and sale of data, it provides consumers with more power to determine.

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Secure email needs to be far more than S/MIME and PGP

Despite the eroding myth of regular email as a secure communication tool for messages and files, most emails are sent unencrypted, and business emails with valuable content are certainly no exception to that. So why has.

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Enterprises in the digital world

Today, most enterprises have successfully arrived in the digital world. They have realised digitisation’s great potential, understanding that they can only benefit from it if they embrace the coming changes. Naturally,.

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Can today’s encryption withstand quantum computers?

The technology of quantum computing offers many new and unprecedented possibilities for what technology is capable of doing. While ‘regular’ digital computers eventually run into problems posed by the laws of physics,.

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befine Solutions AG became Cryptshare AG

On the 7th of May 2019, befine Solutions AG changed its company name to Cryptshare AG. In these times of so many new product developments and with a growing product family, it was time to reflect their significance to.

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Collections #1-5: An Assessment

The year 2019 has just started but already there has been major news of IT security breaches that have made headlines: Collection #1 and Collections #2-5 that followed shortly thereafter. They showed once again how much.

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Cryptshare AG launches QUICK Technology

Cryptshare AG is proud to announce the release of patent-pending innovation eliminating the need for users to manage passwords for regular exchanges between communication partners, Cryptshare QUICK Technology. Included.

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Security issues leave cloud infrastructure vulnerable

A newly discovered weak spot in the technology used to deliver cloud services enables criminals and governments to access information stored and processed in the cloud.

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