Cryptshare’s innovative integration of eID for digital communication

If eIDs are to be successfully established in Germany, significantly more use cases are needed to fully realise the added value of digital identities. Digital communication is a rich field for use cases, since most.

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How to successfully mainstream eIDs in Germany

Years ago, Sweden demonstrated how electronic proof of identity for consumers can be successfully implemented with BankID. Which has become an indispensable part of everyday life in Sweden and brings added value for.

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A successful model for eIDs: BankID in Sweden

While digital identities still represent largely uncharted territory in Germany, in Scandinavian countries eIDs were successfully established years ago. There, digital proof of identity is now an integral part of.

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eIDs and the eIDAS regulation make proving identities secure & simple

For digital processes and business activities to succeed, the trustworthiness of digital transactions’ security is paramount. Traditional security measures however often miss the mark as they shift responsibility to the.

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Digital offerings with eIDs benefit public authorities and enterprises

Digitalisation’s advantages have in some way reached consumers and citizens already – and have made them hungry for more. The flexibility and freedom that are gained when transactions are carried out digitally have been.

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eID realises digitalisation’s key benefits for all

With the COVID-19 pandemic, digitalisation has had great success in gradually advancing into a few previously untouched areas. By the same token, the need to catch up and improve digitalisation efforts has been.

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Into the digital age with fax?

Digital driving licences, digital authorizations, e-prescriptions... the list of demands for Germany's digital transformation is long. Unfortunately, however, all too often aspiration collides with reality because.

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GAIA-X, data protection & data control: What is viable for enterprises?

For European enterprises that had high hopes GAIA-X would bring real added value in terms of data protection and digital sovereignty, the project’s current course would likely appear to be disappointing. The last few.

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Serious setbacks after an ambitious start – which goals remain for GAIA-X?

First the German federal government signalled support for the participation of US hyperscalers in GAIA-X. Subsequently, the companies on its Board of Directors welcomed Palantir, arguably the most controversial player.

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GAIA-X Board of Directors gives green light to Palantir

An unpleasant surprise for data protectionists and supporters of GAIA-X: The all-European Board of Directors of GAIA-X cleared the way for Palantir to become a member. The reaction to this decision ranged from surprise.

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